This content was written for Scotch Construction.

Home Builder New Braunfels contractor and custom home builder is well known by the name Scott Construction find out more about the highest rated and most reviewed home builder in Texas and specifically New Braunfels and other surrounding areas at 830-832-6881 and also online at

If you are looking for a B+ Builder than Scott Construction is not the Builder for you. Scott Construction price themselves on being a family-owned-and-operated new construction business that works in All Over Texas depending on your unique needs and wants. They maintain great relationships with Engineers designers interior designers and Architects. They are able to give an A+ experience with every client that walks through their doors. Soda schedule an appointment the best way to do so because it’s social distancing guidelines has to go online and fill out a contact form with your name email and phone number and someone on these start construction team will get ahold of you same day to go ahead and get something scheduled to set up more detail of what next project you’re looking to get done.

They are family owned and operated company they were established in the year 2008. They Pride themselves on providing custom home building and Commercial Contracting as well as home remodels for that are affordable without having to break the bank. Many of the families and businesses and surrounding Texas Hill area are just wonderful and they really have made Scotch construction well known throughout their city and through other surrounding area. They Pride themselves not only on being so attentive to detail but also their ability to make your vision come true or your dreams come true for your next commercial project to residential project.

So do not feel that you have to limit yourself on your project. Because even if you have a late you might have a strict timeline or maybe you have a very very tight budget at Scott’s construction will work with you to be the best contractor that you need for that job depending on where ever you want to build. But they understand that location location location very important that we want to make sure that it is a positive experience all the way through from beginning to end. They can also do they work well with everybody. If you already have maybe a certain interior designer or maybe you already have an architect that you want to use then that is someone that they can work with as they can team up and build that great relationship with them as well so we want to make you happy.

So whatever that might be if you want a specific backsplash in your kitchen if you want if you want your home to have a drop off to where you can Overlook a great view we will totally build a house that really sets your your home apart for everybody else because that to you and I will make you the Envy of your neighborhood and your family. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and just a consultation with him just to see if it is a good fit for you and for your next project call 830-832-6881 and also checking out online at For more information about home builder New Braunfels contractor and Builder extraordinaire Scotch Construction.

Home builder New Braunfels | Ability

This content was written for Scotch Construction.

Locally owned and family operated for 12 years Scott Construction home builder New Braunfels has the ability to go above and beyond your own expectations and your dreams and realities for your new home build. Call 830-832-6881 for Tim Scott’s the owner and founder who has the best attention to detail in the ability to solve problems and also locate them on their website or on their Facebook for more information portfolio Gallery testimonials and contact page at

The areas that home builder New Braunfels Scotch construction covers include San Marcos San Antonio Kingsbury New Braunfels Garden Ridge Canyon Lake and more. They also are a big part of the Hill Country there in Texas and they have become a proud member of numerous organizations and associations. And they have been more well-known as a company that gives back to their Community. More specifically they give it back to the adoption agencies and foster care agencies in their area. They want to sow seeds into the Next Generation to become wonderful human beings. And if you actually build a custom home built home with them they will donate money and the name of the client to these organizations.

They believe in the Next Generation they want to give back as much as they can to these kids. That is a great give back program and that is a majority of why people actually choose them because of their generosity to their Community. They also have created such a wonderful positive reputation with other industry professional Craftsman tradesman’s Architects Engineers landscapers interior designers and more. They continue to hand pick their team so that they can make sure that everybody gets along they have they create a positive work environment as well as a safe and clean what a work site so that the client anytime the client or come by or maybe Tim where to visit the job site it would actually look pristine clean and not messy and chaotic.

Their words include being members of the greater New Braunfels home a Home Builders Association at Texas Association of Builders and New National Association of homebuilders as well. He is a member of the New Braunfels chamber and he has qualified subcontractors that he cares to Work with because he believes in loyalty and hard work and he has had that on his teams ever since he opened the business in 2008. Tim is proud that each day his construction team leaves a clean work site at your home. His family and your family will be treated with the utmost courtesy and respect call 830-832-6881. Call them do they find out more about the ability that Scott Construction cost in order to make your dream into reality.

Home builder New Braunfels is the best place to go a place best place to start for home addition home extensions Home Remodeling new home construction outdoor kitchen construction custom home commercial construction garage building General Contracting and custom luxury home building. Find out more information to find out whether or not they are the best fit for you and for your next home build. And you can also go to their house and see you know what a jip typical job cost the best way to find out about that or what cost and time line is actually sit down with him and have a conversation. 830-832-6881 and