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More and more people are loving home builder New Braunfels Koch construction for their work do detail and how they’re able to build a custom building depending on your unique needs and what you’re actually looking for a YouTuber actually brand new home so call them today and find out more information for a free consultation there are absolutely no surprises with Scotch construction just dial the phone number to set up a consultation with them at 830-832-6881 and also took them out online at

Tim and Joey Scotch are the President and Vice President of Scotch construction is a family-owned and operated business and they Thrive and actually really love working with the same in the same people over and over again subcontractors Engineers interior decorators in landscapers in The Architects because it actually helps them build a reputation in their community with other business and Tradesman and Craftsman shouldn’t be able to be someone that is loyal and actually can do a great job working with the same team and actually build a relationship. They have the vision they have the persistence they have the systems in place to make sure that you as a client or actually taking care of every single step of the way.

You are involved in every step of the process and the first step in the process is actually set up a consultation with them to set up something and mind if you have already had an idea of what you’re actually looking for him you just need to be able to find a lot or maybe I need to just put the design on paper they can actually do that for you as well. So you should know that there are absolutely no surprises here it’s got the construction and to top it all off they’re actually offering a free outdoor kitchen or free $10,000 and upgrades of your choice and your new home. If you’re looking to build a new home and you were just wanting to find a builder who is actually can take you over the top and really over-deliver every single time then Scott Construction is the Builder for you they want to help you build a life that you can be proud of in your new home so that every time you walk through the front door of your home or go outside and entertaining family and friends you will be constantly reminded of the beauty that start construction can do for you.

So it is a good morning or good afternoon and good evening to actually reach out to home builder New Braunfels Scott’s construction. Because more and more clients are continually going back to Scott’s construction for new projects may be simple or extreme no matter what it is if they can do simple they can do Luxury is all depends on what you want and what you need. So you are the clients are you the number one priority in their eyes.

They do not treat you like a number they treat you like a person part of the family every single time. So call him today and schedule something to determine whether or not they were going to be the best fit for you and your next home. The number to call and pick up the phone and dial is 830-832-6881 and also checking out their website set up a consultation or read testimonials and more at Home builder New Braunfels.

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Are you looking for a home builder New Braunfels with the highest and most reviewed company? Scott Construction is the one to choose call 830-832-6881 and check out their website for their mission to core values and contact them today with any and all questions you have regarding your custom home building project commercial project new construction or home addition remodel at

Stop and struck me as a family-owned and operated business in New Braunfels Texas my work in the other surrounding areas. This President and owner of Scott Construction is Tim Scott he’s originally from Dallas Texas and you received a degree in finance from Texas Tech. During college, he actually works his way through college by working in construction. He got he could we invited them was working as an accountant before you open dog construction business has been enabled him to have both worlds of knowing his numbers as well as knowing the business of construction and homebuilding. That really helps him enables him to be more exact in more detail when it comes to the cost of an estimate. Because he understands the importance of Home Building because it comes with two big things time and money.

So during this time, he was a controller position in Beaumont Texas he worked diligently for 8 years, and then he moved on to another opportunity. The company was sold to another publicly held company and he was promoted to the assistant controller for a larger group. 18 months in this position were at the opportunity came to become an electrical contractor as the Chief Financial Officer David the company and it was a great opportunity to keep learning more and more about corporate accounting. And then five years into the corporation of working there he gained more corporate finance and which became an expert in the financial gain. So when he started the company he got himself through college working in the commercial construction industry which enabled him to become more and more involved in what his grandfather and his uncle did and it really wasn’t family business so he kept looking very successful.

He was able to build his own company help, other people, through filter dream towns, and actually for the remodel. So stop construction became stop Construction in 2008. And that was during the year the recession. But it was great timing. Our company solves problems and the customers in a different way everybody else does. Now we listen to satisfy and we other builders in the marketplace claim that custom Builders avoid the true custom features. That is not true with us it we are not cookie-cutter we pride ourselves on being highly custom builder who is adaptable and flexible with a customer Solutions.

So reach out to the highest and most reviewed construction company in New Braunfels Texas home builder New Braunfels at 830-832-6881 it is their website to learn more about their Community give back program their mission and other stories about how they are the best in the business. You also want to look at their PR kit find out more information at