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Scott Construction is operated at a high capacity with high experience.So call 830-832-6881 and visit them online for more testimonials Gallery portfolio and more at They are the highest rated and most reviewed construction company in New Braunfels Texas. They do not limit themselves by just working in one certain area so if you have a certain lot in mind that you really love they’d be more than happy to go out there and do some design and foundation work to get your project started.

Are a custom home builder they can build a homes in the city it’s all about location location location. The better location you have the higher the equity and value of your home and I completely understand that. We build homes the country in the Hills at the Hill Country. They can also build homes in New Braunfels Canyon Canyon Lake Spring Branch Concan San Antonio born Valverde Lake McQueeney Kingsbury all in between and also in San Marcos and Blanco. They do not limit themselves on their creativity of whatever light you choose. You can do a standard flat lot or you might like the kind of light that has a drop off maybe it overlooks the lake or maybe you have a lot that has an ink they want to make sure they’re they’re very detailed and I want to make sure that they’re able to spell out everything the timeline in the budget specifically. You should know that and a lot with an incline and a lot with a drop off a little bit more expensive just because it’s a little bit more time for the laying a foundation and making sure safety is all in line.

They can build on your lot wherever it might be. They can also take down tool applicated homes on a lot and you know create a new custom home just for you. They can do it from the ground up. We we build what you want and what you need. It could be a great weekend getaway home maybe on the River or the or the lake it can also be a house and a beautiful Suburban neighborhood or it could be on great acreage where you have a lot of land I need what you want a grande home be able to fit on that land they can do that as well. You know it is nothing is too big or too small for these guys. So that is why it’s most important for you to set up an appointment with him you can actually feel a contact form on the website you just leave your name your phone number in your email and someone on the scotch construction team will be a hold of you as soon as possible.

Or you can call them directly and get go ahead and get your estimate started on your build. Tim Scott he’s the owner and founder of scotch construction. He actually has a background both in the corporate world and the construction world. When he was going through, she was working in construction that help him get through college and then after college he went into accounting so that really helped him and enables him to be great with number so that he can be more precise more details when giving people a cost and an estimate of their next project which really helps you be able to be more strict and more details with your timeline and your budget of what you’re needing.

So see 830-832-6881 and go to to schedule an appointment today. Home Builder New Braunfels fully operated by an incredible family know as the Scotch family. Scotch Construction is the best in Texas. If you need prove then read their reviews on their website and their google business page today!

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If you want to home builder that is passionate about what they do every step of the way then look no further than home builder New Braunfels known as Scotch construction. Call them to find out more information about the business what they can do to beat the competition at 830-832-6881 and go to their website for their freak it for more information questions and testimonials at

Why are the team at Scott Construction passionate about their business and their customers? Every home that they build every dreamhome that they have for their client done and build and detailed. They we live we love with our clients want. They build this for them and we hand over the keys to custom build home forever dream home to them and they are so happy with what they were able to do in there always a very passionate about helping foster kids and adopted children to find their forever homes. We have a give back program and we are able to help our clients and these children in need that is why we are so passionate about what we do in that what’s that is what sets us apart from other builders in New Braunfels and surrounding areas.

Other things that make the construction company and home builder New Braunfels team unique is they build relationships with their client as well as other industry professionals. They hand pick their Architects Engineers landscapers and tear designers and subcontractors. Many of these Tradesmen are very loyal to Scott Construction because they build such a reputation in their Community amongst other industry professionals that they continue to work with each other and create a great relationship. D it’s not your Ave and Scott Construction they are not your you know average transactional custom Builders. They want to build your Forever dream home and make it very intimate and personal process so that you’re involved every single initial phase of the way.

They Pride themselves on creating lasting relationships with our clients and also with their their workers. They’re hard-working diligent trustworthy and passionate about what they do and they always over deliver every single time. If you want to custom home built and you are needing or maybe you want a custom Edition or remodel head over to their contact page and you can fill out the and I have been one of our highly qualified and highly talented and passionate employees will reach out to you to schedule free consultation to give you a free quote so just pick up your phone or you can go online the number is 830-832-6881 or their website is

Choose Scotch construction for their passionate team building and family oriented business home builder New Braunfels located in New Braunfels Texas the number for a consultation and a free quote is 830-832-6881 and also you can fill out the contact form on the website fill it out and someone on the top construction team won’t be in touch with you same day the website is And also find them on social media platform Facebook for up-to-date photos of recent and pass projects as well as an email phone number and website.