Homebuilder new Braunfels, Scotch construction Inc. is no stranger to the construction management world. Starting at a young age he learned from his grandfather and continued to develop his skills as a young adult. Tim Scotch, sick and tired of the corporate world decided you want to go back to his roots in the construction industry. In 2008 formed his construction company and named it after his family, Scotch construction inc. He honors his family and everything he and his company builds. This company is not just a name, it’s a family name and that runs thick as blood. He prides himself in the complete construction process, and it definitely shows he knows what he is doing. Home Builder New Braunfels will be here for you!

Scotch construction has delivered hundreds if not thousands of beautiful homes and offices in the past 11 years of doing business. If you check out their website www.scotchconstruction.com, you’ll find multiple examples of their exquisite work that he and his company accomplish day in and day out. He enjoys his job and you can definitely see his passion for his final construction product. If you are on the fence about which home builder to go within the Texas area, please stop what you’re doing and take a look at their gallery on their website. And if that doesn’t convince you I encourage you to please give them a call (830) 832-6881 and ask about a free quote. Barely more than happy to meet with you and help to build the home of your dreams. The discussed attraction is a problem solver, and if you think about it, really Life Is Just Solving Problems.

Over the past decade, Tim Scotch and Scotch construction executed many homes and offices. With years of experience on his team, they will work with their customers and deliver exactly what they had in mind. How do they do that? It’s easy, they actually listen. They take time to talk and work out logistics with customers that most other construction companies ignore and/or don’t care to discuss with you. But this is a different animal of that sort. He didn’t build his empire by shortchanging or cutting corners or lying. He’s built his empire by being honest and a man of his word, which seems to be more and rarer as time goes on. Buy with confidence. buy with relief from the agony usually associate with the construction process.

Let Scotch construction take all the pain and agony associated with building new structures and or remodels. Home builder’s new Braunfels is known for his integrity, honesty, and exquisite attention to detail. Tim Scotch with Scotch construction is your go-to source for any commercial, residential, or remodeling needs. So stop searching and get the calling. Well, What are you waiting to contact Scotch construction today! Visit their website www.scotchconstruction.com or give them a call (830) 832-6881. They are eagerly waiting to help you land the home of your dreams.

Home Builder New Braunfels | Construction at it’s finest

Scotch construction Inc. works with the customer one-on-one to design and implement a full-on construction project. All the while keeping budget and time constraints in the back of their head. They can be multiple types of construction projects including but not limited to, pre-construction consultation, estimating, bidding, construction management, concrete work such as sidewalks, different types of footings, and repairs. They are also masters of demolition, carpentry, and masonry projects. Scotch instruction is the ultimate Home builder New Braunfels, you will not find a more reliable and more trustworthy company than Scotch construction Inc.

You know the old saying,” do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” The list saying resonates strongly inside of Tim Scotch, an owner of Scotch construction Inc. he had a passion ever since using a young child to watch the screen further meticulously work on whatever it may be, construction, woodworking, carpentry, etc. he saw the passion his grandfather had and in that passion became enthralled and wanted to pursue in the same path as his grandfather. Disenfranchised by the rigors and boredom of the corporate world, Tim decided to make a change in his life, and in 2008 he started his own company, Scotch construction Inc. with the help of his son he grew the business into what it is today.

Home builder’s new Braunfels is top of his class and that’s from his customers, not him. Go check out his Google reviews if you don’t believe me. The majority of his Google reviews are five stars and that is unheard of in the construction industry. Pours himself to every project and demands the same level of integrity and work ethic in all the subcontractors that they hire. Many of the subcontractors are the same as in 2008. Which speaks volumes on how well these relationships have lasted. The construction industry is known for its cut throughout and shady, shady business ways. Don’t believe me Google any local construction company and read their review, go ahead I’ll wait. But welcome back, I’m not surprised what you saw on Google reviews.

Tim Scotch, the owner of Scotch construction Inc. saw the need for more hands-on a proactive construction company. He realized communication was key in delivering a well packaged final product. He lives for the challenges and loves to overcome any problem he may face. With the bold determination, home builder new Braunfels is entering a new epoch of the construction universe.

From tiny homes to huge industrial offices Scotch construction Inc. can tackle any job of any scope he has given. There is no job he won’t entertain. His customers speak and Scotch construction Inc. listens. It’s really as easy as that, how one little thing can change the whole dynamic of the construction company. Tim Scotch and his team at Scotch construction Inc. are eagerly awaiting to help you into your new home or office. Please visit their website www.scotchconstruction.com were given them a call at (830) 832-6881.