This content was written for Scotch Construction.

What is great about Scott’s construction home builder New Braunfels is that they beat their competition at every single category. So contact them today to find out more information to find out what sets them apart from everybody else in the construction and custom home building business by calling 830-832-6881 and also checking them out on their website for more testimonials reviews frequently asked questions and the gallery of their past and present work at

When it comes to building a new custom home or a Home addition or home remodel we understand that it can be quite stressful especially on your wallet and on your time. That is why I hear it’s got construction the category of not only being on time but being on budget or below budget is what they Pride themselves on. When you were looking for a different lot, first thing they want to know about if you’ve already chosen a lot weather be on an incline and decline or on a rocky terrain they want to know what the natural incline of the lot is. Sometimes the lots of people choose have a dramatic drop off. A flat lot is usually the number one recommendation because it said it will save you time and save you money.

They are easier to put foundation’s on and they’re a lot cheaper which will then involve a lot less prep work when it comes to construction. And what we here at Scott Construction pride ourselves on is actually keeping the worksite clean and safe so that we’re not trashing it and you know leaving it overnight to get even worse. So we want to help you here at Scott’s construction anytime a client walks through the door we want to help you build a life and build a home that you can your family can grow up in your grandkids can grow up in and more. What’s great about Scott’s construction is that they always go above and beyond.

And Tim Scotch even Prides himself on you know having a breath acacian amongst Engineers Architects and interior designers in landscapers because they keep coming back and working for Scotch Construction Incorporated because they have built such a reputation not only amongst their clients but it’s amongst tradespeople and Craftsman. They really are loyal and working with a great team all the time which makes them set apart from other builders and construction companies in the area. So they definitely beat other competition in that category as well. They want to give your vision on not only on paper but in person.

They want to help you create your vision articulate that vision and relentlessly drive to the completion of your project. It’s so call today at 830-832-6881 for more information and check them online at today to find out more and also schedule a consultation to go over your project and what you’re looking for and what your time in line is as well as your budget. Give us a shot give him scotch and his team the ability to show you what sets them apart from every other construction company in Texas.

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This content was written for Scotch Construction.

Scotch construction home builder New Braunfels is the Clear Choice for and is the chosen one for your custom building needs as well as your home renovation need. Call 830-832-6881 for more information about how to get started with your building custom home with Scotch construction and the team and you can also check them out on their website at And then you can also find them on Facebook for more reviews and other pictures about the from their past and present job that they’ve already done in the past. And you should know that they were nominated for the 2020 best of New Braunfels. They’re also part of the Better Business Bureau which give they gave them an A+ rating as well as the they’re also part of the National Association of homebuilders in the Texas Association of homebuilders.

Scott Construction is owned and operated by the family of the Scott family. 10 scotches the head of the business and he also has brought in his son to death take on a lot of the work as well. And one thing that they do here that is really amazing with scotch and their custom home building is that they are at they can actually do hidden pantries in your kitchen. So it saves you time and it really doesn’t stick out but it’s really cool when you look at it you can find the photo about on it on their Facebook. And they also have a lot of stuff going on as well. They can get very creative especially when it comes to like building you a really big custom closet especially if you have a lot of shoes.

And then on their Facebook they have a lot of photos as well as more reviews. So if you maybe you’re wanting to connect with them and you just want to let you know throw out some ideas of what you might be looking for me if you have an idea or a certain project from a family or friend or maybe you’ve seen something online and you think can they do this in my new home send him a photo of it let them know you know in more detail what it is you’re looking for maybe where you want it in the house and they can let you know or more in-depth conversation of when they can do it and you know how long it would take to complete in your new home. If you have that idea or project in mind and you’d like to completed in your current home or maybe you’re looking to build your next home then just let us know and don’t keep it tucked away we want we want your creativity to fly.

So call 830-832-6881 today. He is the builder of the Texas Hill Country. And he wants to bring some of that reclaimed wood in that aesthetic over to Scotts construction and two other buildings that he has done. And then one hot Trend that he’s actually staying that people actually like is the exposed brick wall in the entry of a custom home. It will actually you know where he’s done it in homes before and Pines actually love it they ask for it specifically. And it really is like a statement piece in your custom home with they can also add small window on the side which actually bringing more natural light and you know once the entry door is a benesch and it’s complete it really does bring something stunning to your build.

The schedule a consultation with him to find out more to see whether or not the chosen one or you know their name known as by home builder New Braunfels Scott’s Construction Incorporated is well worth your time and effort. Call them today at 830-832-6881 or also find them online for information about them and their business and how they managed to be the number one choice at