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Trust the Builder or should I say the home builder New Braunfels of the Hill Country. Called find out more information about the highest and most reviewed builder in New Braunfels Texas Scott Construction and the number that you can reach them at to schedule a consultation or just gets more information about what the services that they offer call 830-822-6881 and also go online that our website at today.

Tim Scotch is the owner and founder of Scott Construction Incorporated. And he has done a mini many projects in his time and he would love to tell you more about was no is expertise his experience and his love for building. He actually did construction while he was going through school at Texas Tech University. And then he is now really married to his wife Stephanie and he actually took his first job in the corporate world as an accountant. So which gave him you know a foothold in the construction industry as well as the corporate industry. That would then enabled him to be more precise and detailed when it comes to estimates for all his clients.

They work with the best engineers and landscapers interior designers interior decorators and Architectural firms so that they can design and implement the design that you want that is also up to code and also practical. They never want to be predictable. But of course they want to be reliable. And usually they want to also save you money so that might be in the way to do that is actually rather than doing a choosing a lot for your custom home builder with a dramatic drop off or a natural incline the probably the best choice is actually a slap not because it’s not only will save you money but there’s less at prep work so then that makes your timeline a little bit shorter.

So if you are definitely in a hurry and you’re looking for a custom home building a certain amount of time that’s probably the best recommendation that they can give you. And I also want to make sure that when they’re going over with you the lot maybe haven’t even found a lot they are more than welcome they are more than capable of helping you choose a lot if you have a certain locations there more than happy to visit those locks with you to give you more detail about what the prep work and the construction would look like and to help you make the smart choice so that you can save time and money for yourself and for the family. They are typically always early in the process.

They you know whatever questions you might have what are you know whether or not you should purchase this law or maybe you have two or three lots in mind that you just need to build his perspective let them know so call 830-832-6881. The customers come from all over the country and all over the Texas Hill Country and they have they always come expecting the same level of Quality Inn reputation. And they here at Liz Koch construction they give it to them every single time. So call and find out more information about them and how they can actually help your vision come to life and also visit their website about the home builder New Braunfels of Hill Country Texas Hill Country at

Home builder New Braunfels | Hot Trends

This content was written for Scotch Construction.

Home builder New Braunfels known by the name Scott Construction can tell you all about the hot trends when it comes to building a custom home. Call in today to find out more about how you can bring your ideas and of your future project and get a skunk consultation scheduled by calling 830-832-6881 and then you can also check them out online on their Facebook and also on their company website for more information at There are a lot of hot Trends nowadays like when it comes to the color of painting outside your house a certain little ideas for your entryway also your great kitchen ideas for storage and also hidden compartments and even such Trends in the little details.

It maybe even adding a little more excessive laundry room. Or here’s one that you probably never thought of is accommodating a water dispenser into your built into your wall that you can actually have larger reusable Waters. And this will save you money on plastic models and you know keep you from wasting so much. There are just so many ideas that can come with building a new home because it is very exciting time for people especially if it is building your first home or maybe you have a growing family so you just need to be able to put have more space. And maybe it just more storage options especially if you have a lot of kids.

So that’s just some things to think about. And especially you know the idea of bringing a more reclaimed wood look into your home what can give him or rustic live or and also modern twist as well. You can also provide hidden pantries gigantic his-and-her closets. And great fireplace and mantel and great entryways as well. Also really cool a little Trend going on right now is the color of the Classic Blue. For the exterior of your house. It really is right on point with design Trends. You can just find out more by actually going to their Facebook or you can do so on going by there their company website. So the temperature is rising in here and home builder New Braunfels for the hot trends when comes to building. They really do beautiful work.

Especially in Central Texas. They the Texas Hill Country is the best place to build because you’re getting a wonderful beautiful landscapes. And the they have great real estate contracts that can update you on inventory that is extremely low in the market right now which is it always a great time to build a custom home. So do you have a lot? We can meet at they can meet with you come up with a custom floor plan that works with your space and also help you decide on a lot if you need help. Construction can visit a few sites with you and determine what would be the best fit for your ideal home and your budget.

So ask about the referral program as well and you can get us a call at 830-832-6881 and their website is For all the hot Trends from Scott Construction Incorporated known as the home builder New Braunfels. Find out more about them and also find more about Tim Scott. He’s the owner and founder of Scott Construction Incorporated. And he wants to tell you how grateful he is for his for his team and his clients. Who always get their 100% every day to help build customers dreams. And they’re also in the running for the Readers Choice 2024 the best of New Braunfels.