Are you ready to experience the most reviewed and highest reviewed custom home builder new Braunfels has to offer? If so you need to reach out to Scotch Construction Inc. today. They have been building amazing homes and structures for well over 11 years and they will make your wildest dreams manifest right in front of your eyes. I get that many people do not think construction companies value customer service. But, I’m here to tell you that Scotch Construction Inc. will always go above and beyond to give you the best product and your hand throughout the entire build. He truly values your input and after all, you are the boss and he wants to deliver on time and under budget exactly how you envision in your head. They guarantee to make the very best this construction into a smooth process so you don’t have to deal with the anxiety that is usually involved in remodeling or building homes. They are a family-owned and operated company that began in 2008. They are constantly providing the most cost-effective remodeling and building construction services to the wonderful community and businesses of new Braunfels, Texas. They also built-in surrounding Texas Hill country.

They pride themselves on being extremely attentive to details and they have the ability to make your home vision into a reality and will mail it on the head 100% of the time. They provide top exceptional customer service and they will make this whole home builder new Braunfels process extremely manageable and you will be extremely grateful that you have had the opportunity to work with such a delightful company here at Scotch Construction Inc. Matter what you’re looking for residential, commercial or remodeling of either commercial or residential, you can Professionals here at Scotch Construction Inc. to provide the highest quality and most customer service imaginable.

With over 11 years of hands-on experience, the Scotch company has the ability and know-how to deliver one-of-a-kind works of arts and they do so regularly. They offer remodeling and new construction and they can come to your home out in the country were in the city. They will build all over Texas so country. Many locations include Canyon Lake, New Braunfels, San Marcos, Boerne, Spring branch, Concan, San Antonio, Lake McSweeny, Kingsbury, and many cities in between. Then look no further than home builder new Braunfels legend, Scotch company. They are guaranteed to leave you with the highest quality home or office and you will be extremely eager to spread the word of mouth that Scotch Construction Inc. provides the highest quality construction here in your Braunfels Texas.

They truly want to take a headache out of construction and you will see that it is evidently true once you begin building Scotch. They offer no surprises throughout the construction because they are extremely detailed in following the logistics before construction even.

They are the builder you can trust. For more information or to sign up Scotch Construction Inc. please visit their website at or give them a call at (830) 832-6881.

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It’s time to start building with the ultimate home builder new Braunfels has to offer and that is found at the only company here at Scotch Construction Inc. They have been dutifully serving the wonderful community here in New Braunfels, Texas for well over 11 years and you will be 100% satisfied with the overall construction and customer service that you have received throughout the entire build. They truly are a thing of beauty whenever you find a home contractor that shares the same vision and goals as you do. This way you know that they are building and you to send with you and you will have the patience and your head laid out in real-time in the real world. This is a builder that you can absolutely trust and I highly recommend Scotch Construction Inc. to all my friends and family here in New Braunfels, Texas, and surrounding Texas country.

You may be asking yourself who exactly is Scotch Construction Inc.? Will that is a wonderful question they are home builder new Braunfels that are family-owned and operated and first began back in 2008. Ever since they have built hundreds of amazing homes and offices that the clients are extremely satisfied with the overall service. You may have seen Scotch Construction Inc. featured in the Texas Association of builders, greater new Braunfels Homebuilders Association, best of Houzz 2018 and they are also an A+ accredited business with the Better Business Bureau. It is no wonder that they have received so many accolades because they are simply a unicorn here in the construction industry. They truly care about their clients and go to great lengths to ensure that they are built exactly to the specifications their customers envision.

For look no further as you found the very best home builder new Braunfels Texas has to offer and you will be extremely elated that you have the opportunity to work with such a hands-on and dedicated contractor. The building is in their blood. His grandfather was a construction contractor as was his uncle. Owner and operator, Tim Scotch even worked his way through college by taking our jobs and construction. He always knew he had an affinity for construction and new one day he will come back to his first love. After graduating from college he took and corporate job and realize this is not the correct right path for him. Shortly after he switched his game and left the corporate motor to go back to his deep roots and construction. He became a construction contractor in 2000 and his son joined the family business and now they are on a whole new echelon.

Scotch Construction Inc. basically views construction has one big puzzle or problem-solving industry. Tom in a multitude of different forms and Scotch Construction Inc. must use what the customer or space gives him to create magnificent arrangements and creates a well-working area. This is why he enjoys remodeling so once a challenge. Don’t be afraid to hit him with here the most difficult construction builds and he will be able to manifest your dreams into a reality and do it all on time and under budget, that is his promise to you.

If you’re interested in getting connected with Scotch Construction Inc., please fill free to reach out to them at (830) 832-6881 or visit their website today at