This content was written for Scotch Construction.

Scotch Construction home builder New Braunfels really knows how to bring the wow factor to every project that they take on. Call them today to schedule a consultation get a free quote at 830-832-6881 and for more information you can visit their website to get some testimonial videos read the reviews and also view their gallery of past and present projects at their website at When you choose Scotch construction you are setting yourself apart from other people who have gone with other builders custom home builders. So set yourself apart and be the Envy of your neighborhood and friends and family when you build with Scotch construction give him a call today.

They are totally well worth your time and money and just get to know them a little bit more and ask any questions that you want to be concerning your bills. Whether you are a first-time Builder or you are a veteran and a home building business and you’re just looking for a home for the weekend getaway that overlooks the river the valley or lakes then give him a call today they’re more than happy to go with you to find a lot or location that works best for you especially for the project that you’re looking for. So give him a call at 830-832-6881 for more information you can also go online to read the reviews and see what people are saying about them. They’re the highest and most reviewed custom home builder in New Braunfels Texas.

Take a moment to sit down with a member of the scotch construction team to look at the odds of building with them and how long it would take. They want to be very careful of your budget in the timeline because I understand that time and budget are two big things that really can stress out people especially when they’re looking to build a hell custom home. It really is there is a lot of Blood Sweat and Tears going into a custom-built so they want to make sure that they do it right and that you are the number one priority in the night-time. So do not waste your time looking at other builders. Call them today at 830-832-6881.

For more information and more about the wow factor that you get with Scotch construction when you build with them you can find all the answers online as well as frequently asked questions testimonial videos on gallery of past and present work and more. So do not limit yourself on your choices for a custom home Builder. Schedule a meeting or consultation to get a free quote with Tim Scotch the owner and founder of Scots construction as well as meet the team over there at the office. They’ll be more than happy to meet you get to know you a little bit more and what you are specifically looking for with your next bill. They can also work with your Realtors to find you a perfect lot and location for your custom home.

They not only do custom home buildings they also do commercial projects so they can build your office they can also do a home remodel Complete Home remodel or maybe you’re just looking for a kitchen remodel bathroom model or outdoor living remodel they can do that as well. And you should know that they do $10,000 and free upgrades for a few build a custom home with them. So find out more information about him and then also other special offers that they have also check out their website at Or call 830-832-6881.

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This content was written for Scotch Construction.

You can trust home builder New Braunfels Scotch Construction Incorporated. Call them today and experience the highest rated and most reviewed home builder in New Braunfels by calling 830-832-6881 or by checking out their website for more information as well as see their list of services and special offers and go to With Scott Construction Incorporated custom home builder there are no surprises. They are experienced and they are highly reviewed by their community and they are as well also offer give back program if you choose them.

They are part of the Texas Association of Builders greater New Braunfels Home Builders Association National Association of homebuilders they received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and they were the best of owls in 2018 as well as won the Readers Choice of 2020. So they are well awarded and they are know how valuable they are to people. So experienced the scotch construction difference. They guarantee that they will make the very best of this process smooth for you so that you didn’t have to do with the tension and stress that’s so often are involved and remodeling or building a custom build. They do residential commercial and remodel go online to the website to find out more and learn more about them and see their work.

If you want to know more about them these can go online with their home page and scroll down to the tablet says who we are. Scott’s Construction Incorporated is owned and operated by Tim Scotch as well as his son Joey. Is this a family-owned-and-operated company that was founded by Tim and the year 2008. They provide cost-effective custom home building as well as Remodeling and Home Edition Services. They want to help you build a better life for your family as well as for your extended family. They build a New Braunfels and the other surrounding areas of Texas Hill Country. They Pride themselves on the Relentless attention to detail as well as their proven ability to make your dream a reality.

So Call them today to schedule a free quote and estimate by calling the number of the office at 830-832-6881 and also check them out online to view their Gallery as well as their video testimonials on their website for more information and see what other special offers they are offering by going to

You can trust and know that Scotch Construction Incorporated has your vision in mind. You will witness hours and hours of dedication and passion behind every build. They really care about what they do so let them prove it. Check them out online to schedule a consultation to get a free quote from Tim scotch and more. And they want to know more about your building what you were looking for and all the details in between by and you can do so by checking them out online and you can even fill out a form online to get in touch with them and you just fill out Home builder New Braunfels a builder you can trust.