It’s your old kitchen just not cutting it anymore? Where’s your bathroom outdated and that wallpaper is straight from the 1980s? Don’t you worry? I have the perfect home builder new Braunfels here at Scotch Construction Inc. They have been going above and beyond to deliver the best and highest quality construction structures in the Texas Hill Country for over 11 years. You will be absolutely blown away by the level of detail that goes into each design presented to you by Scotch Construction Inc. This is a builder that you can trust and take that to the bank. Are you ready to experience the highest and most reviewed custom home builder in your Texas Hill country? Will it so now the time to please reach out to Scotch Construction Inc. to see how you need to proceed with getting started.

What exactly is Scotch Construction Inc.? Well, they are a family-owned and operated construction company that got its start back in 2008. They provide extremely cost-effective construction and remodeling services to the great families and businesses that belong to the Texas Hill Country area.
Find a better home builder new Braunfels man Scotch Construction Inc. and I promise you that. You can experience the most reviewed custom home builder new Braunfels by logging onto their website at or giving them a call today at (830) 832-6881.

They pride themselves on not only offering the top-notch customer service throughout the entire construction process but also their relentless attention to the small details that go into each and every built. You can guarantee that Scotch Construction Inc. will never miss a detail or small minute object. He is extremely meticulous and plans out everything well before ground is even broken on your new job. This is the reason why people heralds Scotch Construction Inc. as the go-to home builder new Braunfels area. It is his willingness to work with the clients to expect him ahead of the competition. He implements time to get to know each and every client on a case-by-case basis. By doing this much-needed consultant work in the beginning he has a better idea of how to deliver a beautiful construction project to said clients.

If you don’t trust me when I tell you that this is absolutely the best home builder here in the state with Scotch Construction Inc. then do yourself a favor and research online. If you search for Scotch Construction Inc. you will find hundreds of people that are extremely satisfied with the overall product of their home or office. But not only that. They are extremely satisfied with the overall service receipt throughout the entire construction process. He will guide you to the murky waters notice construction and lead you to the promised land of finish construction. Oh, and did I mention he promises to finish on time and budget. That is extremely important to him and he is a man of his word and will not break it he can help it.

If you’re interested in getting started working with Scotch Construction Inc. I suggest you visit their website first at or feel free to call them at (830) 832-6881.

Home Builder New Braunfels | Scotch it to me

So I was talking with our neighbor Dan the other day and he was mentioning you are looking for new home builder new Braunfels Texas. Well, I have a builder that you are absolutely above. He built my wife’s brother’s home a couple of years ago and let me tell you it is a thing of beauty. Sad to see you leave in the neighborhood, but I cannot fault you for going with the best home builder in the area with the Scotch Construction company. You’ll absolutely love working with Tim Scotch, he is the owner and operator of the construction company and he is extremely well-versed in many different construction techniques and you will be in the best hands possible throughout your entire construction.

Tim Scotch takes much needed time, in the beginning, to get to know each and every client. This may not seem like a huge deal to those who are not familiar with the construction industry. But it makes all the difference. By getting a clear picture of exactly what the clients expect or want to see their finished product, it lets Scotch Construction Inc. create a work of art that is perfectly designed for your needs and wants. Scotch construction difference is a way of life for the professionals here at Scotch Construction Inc. They guarantee to make this construction process extremely smooth and easy to manage. They understand that construction can cause an overwhelming amount of anxiety and tension that is often prevalent in any construction project.

You may be asking yourself who exactly is Scotch Construction Inc.? Let’s wonderful question. They are a great Texas area that is family-owned and operated. They first got their start as a family business in 2008. They have since been providing the most cost-effective construction and remodeling services to the businesses and families here in New Braunfels, Texas and surrounding Hill country. They truly have an eye for detail and will never overlook any small detail. They have a proven ability to make your vision a reality and they manifested as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. They also provide some of the highest customer services that you have ever experienced dealing with the construction company. I know many people don’t think that construction contractors have any sort of customer service in their blood, but I’m telling you Scotch Construction Inc. is a unicorn in the construction industry. They truly do care about their clients and even though they’ve won many accolades and awards throughout their 11-year career the one that they care most about is your satisfaction. That is exactly why they are considered the best in the business because they put their customer above everything else.

You may have seen Scotch Construction Inc. appear in Texas Association of builders, greater new Braunfels Homebuilders Association, National Association of homebuilders, best of house 2018 and they are also an A+ accredited business with the Better Business Bureau. So you can work with the highest reviewed custom home builder new Braunfels here at Scotch Construction Inc. They are dedicated to serving their clients and you will be much more than just a customer, you will be considered family and they will strive to cultivate a long-lasting relationship with you.

If you are ready to get started working with Scotch Construction Inc. I would first recommend going to their website at and then give them a call today at (830) 832-6881.