Scott’s construction Inc. with no further high-caliber integrity and work ethic. Home builder new Braunfels has figured out the right equation to delivering supreme homes and offices while keeping customers satisfaction at all-time highs. His focus is on continuous improvement and solving problems with the customer’s dreams in mind. Tim Scotch, the owner, stuck to his guns in 2008 when he first started Scotch construction Inc. alongside his son. He wakes up every morning with a renewed sense of energy and purpose on this earth, which is very rare these days. We put disheartened to everything he does and is very dedicated to achieving complete satisfaction in the eyes of his clients.

From new construction to remodels, scotch construction is filled with the fire and desire to build the best homes and new Braunfels and surrounding Texas cities. His creativity enhances even your most Monday construction project. He can make drying concrete look seductive! But seriously Tom Scotch is a man of his word and you can judge by the content of his character. Meticulous works with its customers to ensure the whole construction project goes smoothly and on time and under budget. Visit his website and go to his gallery to get an idea of his splendid construction masterpieces. If that is a doesn’t get your fancy, scroll on over to his testimonial page and read a few pages of his latest customers in all the great things have to say about Scotch construction Inc.

Scotch construction Inc. is family-owned and operates in new Braunfels Texas. Home builder New Braunfels has all the benefits of a huge commercial construction company but with the small-time feel and dedication to the customer that of a local construction company. You rarely ever see both in the construction industry. Tom Scotch’s mission to create and maintain a firm in connection with clients in the community and new Braunfels and surrounding towns. His number one goal is to be the top commercial, residential, remodel customer-centered construction company. With his ultra-competitive price point, Scotch construction Inc. is the number one go-to construction company a new Braunfels.

And not so honest world, it’s hard to know who to trust you can’t. But don’t take my word for just read some of the testimony that is on and you’ll see for yourself exactly how this man conducts business. Home builder new Braunfels is at the top of his game and there’s no backing down. Scotch Construction Inc. is the premier construction company in Texas. Their attention to detail and precision to finish jobs on time and under budget is something you will not find in any other construction in Texas.

Please take a look at his website and if you have any additional questions cannot be answered. I highly recommend you try reaching out to them via phone (830) 832-6881 or via the contact us today section on the website. Get Scotch construction Inc. call today to schedule your no-obligation, free bid, and or quote.

Home Builder New Braunfels | Scotch construction Homes, FIRE!

The roof, the roof, the roof is extremely well built by Scotch Construction Inc. no matter your roof’s needs, rock, metal, tile, shingle – we’ve got you covered and yes, that’s a pun intended. Their customers are extremely satisfied with the results-driven mentality of the home builder’s new Braunfels. Cultivating relationships with customers and fellow subcontractors is what fosters this great sense of pride and work ethic that can be witnessed in Scotch construction Inc. Tom Scotch was often asked, “what makes you guys better than the average construction company?” His answer, plain and simple “planning and communication.” This may not seem like a big deal but in the construction world with all the moving parts planning and communication are essential when coming on time is key.

Scotch construction Inc., home builder New Braunfels, gives his customers the time and day for them to discuss any issues or questions they may have. He works with and for the customer, unlike the majority of other construction companies that work for themselves and will cut corners to save a buck or two. But no, not Tim Scotch. The owner of Scotch construction inc, Tim, is anything but your average construction manager. With a background in accounting, his take on plans are always on point. When estimates go exactly how planned the construction does the same and there is little left to the imagination.

Incessant communication with clients and subcontractors always ensures that they finish on time and under budget. Scotch Construction Inc.’s main focus is the client’s overall satisfaction and knows with this mentality his business will only grow from here. Raising in the ranks since 2008, Scotch construction Inc. shot out like a cannon into the construction industry world. 11 years later he kept his morals and his work ethics and has become a top home builder in Texas.

Tom Scotch brings a level of excitement and joy into planning and building residential, office, or remodels. Bet you never heard that before? I haven’t either in my time in the construction industry. The first-time homeowners or the first time office owners, the majority of them will never choose another construction company. Scotch construction Inc. is a remarkably stable network of subcontractors, any of which have been in 2008. These subcontractors are highly skilled in the best in their industry, the reason why Scotch construction Inc. has stuck with them over the decades. Not only do Scotch construction Inc. at the craftsmanship, but they also have the personality that matches.

Stop wasting your time and endlessly looking online for a home builder new Braunfels and call Scotch construction Inc. (830) 832-6881 or visit them online at Tom Scotch is one of the most honorable and kind men you’ll ever the opportunity to work with. He pours his heart and soul into every project and treats it as if it’s his own. I and his previous customers guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your choice to hire Scotch construction Inc for all of your home building projects and needs.