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This content was written for Scotch Construction.

When searching for residential contractors new Braunfels you will find many options and companies are out there, but none quite like Scotch construction Inc. Tim Scotch’s is focused on delivering a high caliber product and his integrity and honesty ensure that you will 100% satisfied with the end product. If you’re looking for a new build on your business, look no further than the professionals that Scotch construction Inc. a family-owned and family-operated construction company based in the Texas foothills in new Braunfels, Texas. He is a family man at heart and therefore knows how important family is to his customers. He strives and continues to deliver one-of-a-kind construction products.

When first meeting with Tim Scotch you can tell right off the bat he is an honest and hard-working residential contractors new Braunfels texas. Really no matter what you are looking for project Scotch construction Inc. will step up to bat for you and knock it out of the ballpark. Whether you’re looking for a better view, bigger square footage, or just looking to upgrade your house or business Scotch construction Inc. has the professionalism to get the job done on or under budget. Tim Scotch is a problem solver and with his passion, he can solve any of your construction problems, whether it be budget constraints, square footage constraints or time constraints.

Tim Scotch can build exceptional homes in the country, the suburbs, or in the bountiful hills of central Texas. There is no location surrounding new Braunfels Texas that Tim and his crew will not build. Scotch Construction Inc. is a residential contractors new Braunfels of your dreams. Not only does Scotch construction Inc. build structures, but they also build relations with their customers. Relationships are extremely important to Tim Scotch and he wants to keep these relationships long after the construction has ended. Scotch Construction Inc. will go above and beyond your wildest dreams and get you into your new home or building in as little time as possible.

What makes Scotch construction different than your typical residential contractors new Braunfels is his ability to infer and listen to its customers. His can-do attitude and joyful spirit make for a wonderful journey to the construction process. Tim Scotch is a man of his word and stands behind it no matter what. They make it happen and they make it happen on time and on budget, a hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed. So whether you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom, upgrade your kitchen, build your pool, build your business, or create an outdoor landscape, Scotch construction Inc. has the ability to create your dream project.

Scotch construction Inc. is the number one residential contractors new Braunfels has seen in the past decades. You may be asking what makes Scotch construction Inc. better than the competition? Well, that’s easy, it is his passion and dedication to the customer and executing this with well-coordinated planning and effective communication. They take time to talk with the customer and lesson I mean really listen to what they want or what they do not want. We lay out the expectations for customers and in return, they’ll lay out their expectations for the company. To get started today by visiting their website was given a shout at (830) 832-6881 and help them help you get into the dream home or office.

Residential Contractors New Braunfels | Let Scotch build your dream home

This content was written for Scotch Construction.

Scotch construction Inc. is one of the best residential contractors new Braunfels, Texas. They’ll go way above and way beyond your expectations to get you into your home or office use only dreamed of. When people mention construction, most people think of the pain that goes into finding a general contractor and on top of that finding subcontractors to get the job done. Scotch construction Inc. takes the pain out of construction with a wide net of designers, architects, and interior designers, Scotch construction Inc. has the right specialized contractors to get the job done.

Scotch construction Inc. takes time to understand what the customer wants, unlike other construction companies who just wanted to benefit their company and stack their bottom line. Scotch construction Inc. is unlike any other residential contractors new Braunfels, Texas has seen ever. Tim Scotch, the owner of Scotch construction Inc. genuinely cares about what you want and his integrity and honesty will him to the top in the construction industry and new Braunfels, Texas. So whether you’re looking to remodel or to build new, Tim Scotch and his extremely professional and honest crew will bust their butt to earn your respect and develope a relationship with you.

Communication is essential in the construction industry. You’ll find that most residential contractors new Braunfels execute very poorly with communication. Maybe you have had problems with construction companies in the past, showing up at random times, going over budget, or heck not even showing up at all. You will not have to worry about that with Scotch construction Inc. his customers speak very highly of his integrity and honesty in the vast majority of his past customers will recommend Scotch construction Inc. to friends and family.

Planning is also a top priority for Tim Scotch, residential contractor new Braunfels Texas. Without a plan, you could be up the creek without a paddle. Scotch construction Inc. understands how important it is to properly plan and execute that plan. Their logistics are perfect and will create a wonderful experience for all parties involved. Each member of Scotch construction is picked by hand by Tim and he instills a high level of integrity and honesty and his construction crew. Coupled with high integrity, they’ll have the craftsmanship to successfully complete any project they undertake.

Scotch construction Inc. offers very unique solutions to unique problems. Tim Scotch articulates the whole process throughout the construction and you will know exactly where you stand on the timeline. Scotch Construction Inc.’s goal is to deliver a dream home or office that will last a lifetime and will be as much of a work of art as it is functional. Let us work with you today in order to accomplish your construction desires. Go visit Scotch construction Inc. website and view their beautiful homes and office they built since 2008. This can be found at If you’re still on the fence about signing up with Scotch construction Inc. I will encourage you to give them a call (830) 832-6881 and Tim Scotch and his friendly office will work through any questions or concerns you may have in regards your construction plans and dreams.