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This content was written for Scotch Construction.

Time to start working with the very best residential contractors new Braunfels has to offer and that is the one and only Scotch Construction Inc. They have been exceeding the customer’s expectations for well over 11 years and they encourage you to join their long list of extremely satisfied clients. I use the word clients, but what I mean to say is family. Because Scotch Construction Inc. does not view you as another customer or a paycheck. No, they view you as part of their family and they are building the very best for their family members. You can trust that you will get the highest quality service around and they will be extremely honest and transparent with you. Right now to give them a call you will have an opportunity to schedule a free quote and you will get a chance to sit and talk with the amazing employees of Scotch Construction Inc.

You may have seen Scotch company appear many different associations and received many accolades and awards in their 11+ year tenure. Some of the associations they are part of include; Texas Association of builders, greater new Braunfels Homebuilders Association, National Association of homebuilders, best of house 2018, and they are also an A+ accredited business here with Better Business Bureau. But what if I told you that all of these organizations and awards knowing absolutely nothing to Scotch Construction Inc. That’s right and is your satisfaction that is most important to them. This is why they are considered the very best residential contractor new Braunfels area.

The building has always been and Tim Scotch blood. He comes from a long lineage of construction residential contractors new Braunfels area and from the beginning he always knew that he wanted to end up in the construction trade. Even when he went to college he worked and paid his way through by working with construction companies. After college, he decided to final end the traditional route as many college students to go into the corporate world. Very quickly and Scotch realize that this was not his calling and he must make some adjustments quickly in order to get back on is correct. So in 2008, he decided to start his own construction contracting business, Scotch Construction Inc. Ever since he has not would at once and he is thoroughly enjoying his life running an extremely successful construction company. But he wants to take the amazing people here new Braunfels for all their trust that you have put in his company. It wasn’t for all of his extremely satisfied clients he still would not be around today to be doing what he loves.

In order to continue getting things to the new Braunfels community, he is constantly striving to create and build the most beautiful construction projects for the wonderful community.

You can absolutely trust Scotch Construction Inc. with one of the most vital investment that you will make in building a new home or office. He does not take to stop lately and he is always striving to leave his clients extremely happy with the whole construction process in general. Please give them a call today at (830) 832-6881 or reach out to them via the website at

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This content was written for Scotch Construction.

I know that you have a few different options when selecting a residential contractors new Braunfels community. But I will recommend one company over all the others in a heartbeat. Their name is a Scotch company and they have been faithfully serving the New Braunfels community for well over 11 years. You can’t go wrong with every sign up with Scotch Construction Inc. and they will guide you through the known as construction management. He will be there every step the way to ensure that your visions in your head and moved onto paper and into real-world exactly how you imagine it. Don’t you worry about ever going over budget or overtime? It is mutually beneficial for both parties to have your project rolling onward and finishing on time.

For when Scotch Construction Inc. runs long on a project, they never do by the way. If they were it means that they are being held up from the next project and you will understand why they are going to great lengths in order to do everything in their power to finish on time and on budget. I understand that something throughout the control such as weather, but they will be working round-the-clock in order to make sure that they are going to a respectable time. This is why they are your top choice for residential contractors new Braunfels Texas.

No matter what you’re looking for in a residential contractor new Braunfels realize that you have found them here at Scotch Construction Inc. They offer residential, commercial and remodeling services to the people in and around New Braunfels and Texas Hill country. So don’t second guess yourself and call the very best in the business here at Scotch Construction Inc. Their true passion in life is to help people build their dream structures and they will help solve these complex construction management issues. That is because Tim Scotch is always at the center of his business and helps direct keep every single part moving cohesively. Since they began their family-owned and operated company back in 2008 they have been trailblazing the way for setting the bar extremely high for other construction companies. You’ll not find another construction company so that you can live up to the here at Scotch Construction Inc.

You may have seen Scotch Construction Inc. appear in Texas Association of builders, greater new Braunfels Homebuilders Association, National Association of homebuilders, best of house 2018 and they are also an A+ accredited business here with the new Braunfels Better Business Bureau. They guarantee to make the very best of your construction process and they will make it as smooth as inconvenient as physically possible. They understand that construction often induces anxiety and tension between the construction company, subcontractors, different government agencies and the homeowner. But that is where Tim Scotch uses his expertise to effectively manage and direct the construction project in the right direction and will not let anything get in his way.

If you would like to get started working with Scotch Construction Inc. today I would first recommend going to their website at and reading some testimonials left by highly satisfied clients. You can find the website at or the free to give their office a call and schedule your free quotes and estimate at (830) 832-6881.